2211 Seminole Dr
Huntsville, AL, 35805
(256) 348-8132

This is a former food truck and is now located inside on the first floor of the historic Lowe Mill. Specializing in sandwiches and wraps, they offer several healthy options and can make most of their menu gluten-free or fixed in specific ways to handle certain diets.

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Cuisine: American
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We have eaten at Happy Tummy several times so a review is long overdue. The first time I heard about it was an online coupon a long time ago, and started asking people about it and only heard good things. What really made it stick in my head was the first time reading through their menu which has some very funny names for their inventive sandwiches and wraps.

With classics like Stars Falafel on Alabama (baked falafel, spinach, and tomato), Popeye Loves Olive Oyl sandwich (creamed spinach, onion, mushroom, and artichoke), and Don't Cry for Me Argen-tuna (tuna salad, apple, walnuts, celery, and craisins), there are a lot of fun and very appetizing choices. It is going to take several visits in order to try out all of the available options that sound great even for the stricter diets.

Most sandwiches and wraps can be made into even healthier options with gluten-free bread or converted into a salad with lettuce or spinach.

There are also plenty of good side dishes if you want something other than your standard potato chips. They serve great pita chips with awesome dips including spinach dip, veggie cream cheese, and dried fruit and nuts.

The restaurant itself isn't very attractive given the whole place is located in an abandoned mill, but that mill has been converted into a wonderful building for local artists to present and sell their work, so there is plenty to do before and after your meal.

Even though we've been several times and tried different items, there are still plenty of trips to go before we are satisfied that we've tasted what needs to be tasted. Expect us to go back soon.. again.

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